Thursday, January 13, 2011

Don't make me get all PAULitical!

It's a fact, though scarsely accepted fact that the war on drugs is counterproductive. Pot legalization would not only make the cartel related crime rate drop significantly but also be a valuble industry as well. The sales and taxation of marijuana would reduce our national deficit and create industries and jobs in regulation, textiles, papper, etc. Greed and corruption is the fauder for the so called "War on drugs". It's been proven that programs aimed at treating narcotics addition cut the demand for other illegal drugs in an actual significant way yet we focus our attention and tax dollars on a futile effort to snuff out the supply end. We destroy 1 distributer and there are already 2 more ready to take it's place. That's what they are set up to do. It's a sad routine and a drain on our countries resources. However I do have faith that the people of this country will soon realize they are being played by a broken system and band together to fix it.

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