Thursday, February 17, 2011

Musicians Life

Why Do Artists hate on other Artists ?   Why is it difficult for a human being to give praise or have positivity towards another ? We will tell you why....Greed  They are all for themselves.  
We thank God for our motivations and determinations to bring out the best in ourself and in others.  Success comes from reaaching out, not selfishness.   We stand where we are today from fans and friends all over the world who believe in us.  Not because of our music but because we believe in Making A Difference in someone else lives as well.

We believe in the non mainstream and  support them to the utmost.   Especially our friends whether they are on Myspace, Facebook, youtube or Reverbnation.  We have been on Reverbnation for awile and have never seen Artist who do not spport other Artist for fear that they may pass them on the Charts etc.   Get real.   Whether or not they or number one or two on the charts and your number 42 support that Artist and you will be successful too as they will remember you and support you as well.   It is not about who can be on top but rather how they got there and if they have a difference in someones life while getting there.  

we have many projects inwhich we have supported and carried for 10 years now  from the Missing Exploited Children  to Domestic Violence, as well as Hurricane Katrina and many more.  This is what has made us successful.  It is what has given us a large database of friends and fans all around the world.  we believe in other Artist who believe not only in themselves but in other Artist as people as well.  We are all in the same boat either unsigned, struggling, or trying to get herd.  So work together and reap the success.   Listen to other artist and provide feedback  dont just delete their mail or call it spam.  Stop hating and try loving.   By the way, visit our myspace site as well .       If we can do anything to help you. Hit us Up.  Especially my Myspace friends.  You know we will bend over backwards for  ya :)   With all that has been said.  Check out our music  I wll do the same for you.  Hit us Up.

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